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Make Your Marketing Sing To Business Mobility Decision-Makers

Vendors Must Use Employee Roles To Identify Preferred Marketing Channels

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    IT professionals, business executives, and end users participate in purchasing decisions for enterprise mobility devices, middleware, services, and mobile applications. These decision-makers use online and offline channels to gather information. Top online channels are search engines (e.g., Google) and industry or professional publication Web sites. Business and IT professionals increasingly use online communities and social networks (e.g., LinkedIn). Word of mouth from peers and colleagues remains the most important offline information source, but IT execs also rely on vendor sales reps. To reach end users participating in mobile app decisions, virtual mobile app stores are the key. Successful marketing executives must consider all purchasing decision influencers and re-allocate marketing resources and messages to reach each participant, with particular focus on using social media channels.
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    • Enterprise Mobility Sales Require Input From A Lot Of Roles
    • Mobile Decision-Makers Are Expanding Their Use Of Digital Media Information . . .
    • . . . But They Are Not Abandoning Traditional Information Sources
    • Address End Users: Don't Neglect Mobile Application Stores

      Action Items For Enterprise Mobility Technology Marketers
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