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Manage The Risks Of Social Media

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    Social media is a security and risk nightmare — it's used everywhere, all the time, by everyone both outside and inside your organization. Although social media offers potentially great marketing and business opportunities, it also exposes companies to numerous information security, regulatory, and reputational risks, among others. To manage these risks, security and risk professionals need to first understand the ways in which social media exposes their organization, and then establish methods to appropriately control and monitor it. This report identifies and characterizes the different types of social media risk and presents methods to oversee and mitigate these risks, particularly through the adoption of social media control, engagement, management, and listening technologies.
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    • You Can't Ignore It Any Longer: Social Media Is Here To Stay
    • Blocking Social Media Is Not The Right Response
    • Employ Risk Management Best Practices For Social Media Risk
    • Consider Treating Social Media Risks With Technical Controls

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