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Managing Brand Health In The Digital Age

How To Diagnose And Treat Your Brand's Resilience And Responsiveness

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    CMOs who remain detached from the everyday pulse of consumer sentiment are putting their brands at great risk. A brand's health is more vulnerable in the digital age as consumer opinion travels faster and further, spreading like a communicable disease. Today, brand health is under attack in four ways, through: 1) greater volume of data sources; 2) faster velocity of consumer data; 3) broader visibility of consumer sentiment; and 4) greater volatility of consumer behavior. To manage these four V's of digital brand influence, CMOs and marketing leaders must prescribe a new approach of empowered brand health by building their: 1) brand responsiveness to act quickly to rapidly changing market conditions, and 2) brand resilience to counteract unforeseen crises and threats.
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    • CMOs Have Lost The Pulse Of Their Brand In The Digital Era
    • Empowered Brand Health Provides A Complete Diagnosis
    • Improve Your Brand Health With A Checkup

      The Future State Of Empowered Brand Health
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