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Managing The IT Management Software Portfolio

For Tools, Follow A Shopping Mall Model Of Anchors And Boutiques

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    Operational management tools have been used for well over a decade, but their assembly is akin to a jumble of jigsaw puzzle pieces, and the value of these tools remains ambiguous. Much of the multibillion-dollar investment in management tools is wasted because the tools have been poorly implemented and — more importantly — poorly aligned into a disciplined operations picture. Few doubt that such tools are necessary in our hyper-complex world. They are integral to efficient operation of the business technology environment. More intelligent management of the portfolio of tools is imperative to extract the full potential from the management tool investment. Forrester Research recommends following a portfolio management model similar to that of a shopping mall, with large anchors as the strategic base of the portfolio plus many potential boutique vendors and what we call "anchorettes." Ongoing analysis and planning of the portfolio should strive to identify and resolve overlaps and gaps in the automation capabilities within the tools. Disciplined portfolio management optimizes value from the tools already in place and those still to be purchased.
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    • Understand Your IT Management Tool Portfolio
    • Use An Anchor Plus Boutiques And Anchorettes
    • Manage Your Portfolio According To A Modular Tool Architecture
    • Leverage ITIL To Rationalize The Tools Portfolio

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