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Managing The Security And Risk Challenges Of Personal Devices In The Workplace

An Empowered Report: Security Pros Must Work Inside And Outside Of IT To Address The Challenges

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    Amid the rising trend of personally owned smartphone and tablet use in the workplace, security professionals face the tough question of how to properly manage and secure these devices. Secure processes such as remote wipe, pin-based entry, and centralized management will satisfy many of the security requirements of your organization. However, when the mobile actions of the user conflict with the interests of the enterprise, this raises notable legal issues surrounding the adoption of personal devices in the workplace. To address the often conflicting legal, privacy, and security requirements, security professionals must work with a general counsel, chief privacy officer, and an IT ops lead to develop a robust mobile policy baseline. For a successful mobile implementation, you must also balance the security requirements of the enterprise with the user's device experience.
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    • Security Cannot Ignore The Proliferation Of Personal Devices In The Workplace
    • You Must Understand The Security And Legal Challenges Of Personal Devices
    • Your Mobile Policy Baseline For Personal Devices
    • Use Mobile Security Infrastructure Checklists To Collaborate With IT Ops

      Personal Devices Are An Oncoming Train; Are You Ready?
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