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Mapping The Connected World

Software Control Of The Physical World Will Change Your Business

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    A technology revolution is brewing that uses sensors, networks, and analytics software to connect physical objects and infrastructure to computing systems, providing an unprecedented view into the status, location, and activities of products, assets, and people. By understanding the landscape of the connected world, business technology leaders can prepare their firms for the implications — positive and negative — of optimizing assets, differentiating products and services, and transforming customer relationships. In this report, we separate the hype from reality by mapping the landscape of the emerging connected world and analyzing the maturity of different industry sectors and applications.
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    • Welcome To The Connected World
    • Separating Connected World Hype From Reality
    • Mapping The Landscape Of The Connected World
    • Buyers Face A Complex And Shifting Vendor Menagerie

      CIOs Must Link Connected World Tech With Business Outcomes

      The Connected World Foments A Data Economy
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