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Market Insights Must Add Value And Evolve

How Market Insights Can Survive In The New Economic Environment

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    Businesses face pressure from increased competition in a flat world and are dealing with financial crises; exponential growth of technological changes; Internet-enabled customer power; and other economic, technological, and social challenges. To survive in this new economic environment, businesses need fast, high-value, deep, and actionable insights across the breadth of the business, all while finding ways to increase productivity and cut costs. The mandate for market insights is to become a more capable and valuable organization that can meet the business' needs — or be seen as cost center to be overloaded, offshored, or outsourced. In this report, we show the present reality for market insights professionals and lay out a vision for the evolution of market insights from cost center to high-value business enabler and business driver.
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    • Market Insights Is Under Pressure In The New Economic Environment
    • Market Insights Must Evolve From Cost Center To Value Provider
    • Evolving Means Changing Business Models

      Start Running Market Insights More Like A Business
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