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Market Overview: Data Center Infrastructure Management Solutions

Maturing Solutions Allow Integrated Physical Management Of The Data Center

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    This report is part of the data center infrastructure playbook and should be read by IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is a comprehensive approach to managing the physical aspects of the data center. DCIM is the convergence of previous generations of purely facilities-oriented power management, physical asset management, network management, and financial management and planning solutions for data centers. If used properly, DCIM solutions can help I&O professionals address steadily ratcheting pressures to meet business SLAs, lower costs, and improve resource and energy efficiency and long-term facilities planning. The steady drumbeat of escalating requirements will drive DCIM offerings rapidly, with increased integration with other enterprise management tools. I&O groups will have to become adept at matching their requirements to the rapidly changing offerings but will need some form of DCIM solution to remain competitive.
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    • Pressures Drive Continual Pursuit Of Operational Efficiency
    • Major Functional Criteria Define DCIM Solutions
    • Three Major Types Of Suppliers Dominate The DCIM Supplier Landscape

      Determine If And When To Invest In A DCIM Solution

      New DCIM Solutions Will Make The I&O Job More Challenging
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