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Market Overview: Enterprise Search

Google, Microsoft, And Autonomy Face Credible Competitors

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    Forrester evaluated 12 enterprise search vendors that vary widely in their brand awareness, cost, and ease of use. Google, Autonomy, and Microsoft are the most well-known names; they own a large portion of the existing market. However, the other nine vendors in this evaluation also have capable products worth examining. Coveo and Vivisimo specialize in customer service; Attivio, Exalead, and Endeca in custom applications to merge structured and unstructured information; Sinequa and IBM in semantics; ISYS in OEM; and Fabasoft in eGovernment. Enterprise search vendors have elevated and deconstructed what search is and can be. The demand for relevant retrieval of corporate information remains strong, and the final chapter of this competitive — albeit mature — market has yet to be determined.
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    • What Search Buyers Need Is Not What Search Vendors Sell
    • Products Fall Into Three Categories: Specialized, Integrated, And Detached
    • Edge Functionality Differentiates Mature Products
    • Search Software Vendor Profiles

      Match Your Vendor With Your Information Management Enthusiasm
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