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Market Overview: eCommerce Fraud Management Solutions, 2014

Selecting A Fraud Management Partner For Your eCommerce Needs

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    eBusiness professionals are responsible for the profitability of the online channel, and secure and efficient transactions are absolutely essential to eCommerce profitability. As eCommerce grows — in size, in global reach, and by the devices through which consumers are transacting — eBusiness professionals need more sophisticated, targeted, and efficient solutions to protect their online transactions from fraud. When it comes to battling fraud, eBusiness professionals often face a conundrum: The tightest fraud controls can be a usability disaster leading to abandoned shopping carts, while the most friction-free checkout processes can pose a payment fraud risk if not executed carefully. This report will help eBusiness professionals responsible for selecting a fraud management solution for their eCommerce site understand the key patterns of eCommerce fraud, how eBusinesses are managing it, and the landscape of fraud management solution vendors available to help them.
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    • Fraud Evolves As eCommerce Evolves
    • How eCommerce Fraud Management Solutions Fight Fraud
    • The eCommerce Fraud Management Vendor Landscape Is Diverse

      Effective Fraud Management Is A Balancing Act That Keeps Changing
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