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Market Research Online Communities Gain Visibility And Uptake – A Social Computing Report

Demand For Flexibility And Quality Opens The Door To New Vendors

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    Market researchers are aware of and interested in using market research online communities (MROCs). However, according to results from Forrester's Q3 2009 Global MROC Online Survey, many don't know exactly how to bring online communities into their research mix. The Web is still gaining traction as a viable channel for qualitative research, much like it was only a burgeoning channel for quantitative research 10 years ago. As a result, researchers want to partner with trusted providers that can bring a flexible offering, methodological expertise, and superior service to the table. Given the number of new entrants into the MROC vendor space, expect to see more choices in service model options, better integration of community research with quantitative projects, and focus on insights from client-side market researchers.
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    • Awareness Does Not Yet Equal Uptake
    • Current And Potential Users Demand Flexibility And Quality

      New Players Will Force Competition And Innovation Among MROC Vendors
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