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Market Researchers: A Compass In The Financial Sandstorm

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    Things are not looking good for the economy: Although the first half of 2008 showed a steady pace of technology spending, that pace is not continuing. In a down economy, businesses face tough decisions and inevitably look to cut spending. For market researchers, this is both a threat and an opportunity: While the business may cut funding and staff, it needs you now more than ever. Now is the time when market intelligence organizations can shine by focusing on four priorities: 1) raising the bar on knowing and informing internal clients to maximize impact; 2) doubling down on knowing external customers and their satisfaction levels; 3) leveraging data-informed decisions from existing sources; and 4) leveraging online research tools versus traditional modes whenever possible.

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    • Why An Economic Crisis Can Help Market Researchers Shoot For Relevance
    • Raise The Bar On Knowing And Informing Your Internal Clients
    • Double Down On Improving Customer Satisfaction
    • Leverage Data-Informed Decisions From Existing Sources
    • Leverage Online Research Tools Whenever Possible
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