Martha Bennett

Principal Analyst serving CIOs

Martha serves the CIO role, covering business intelligence (BI), analytics, and big data. Her current research has two main areas of focus: 1) the investigation of best practices for making the most of an organization's data, as well as building appropriate processes and organizational structures; and 2) analyzing the effect of emerging technologies and business pressures on the way BI capabilities are managed and delivered. Other key research area include BI in the cloud and mobile BI.

Known for her down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to making sense of the latest hot technology area, she has provided input on technology strategy and IT governance structures to clients all over the world. She is a sought-after conference speaker and is also frequently retained as an independent voice by technology companies seeking to optimize their approach to the market.

Previous Work Experience

Martha has over 20 years of technology experience and has held a number of senior positions involving the investigation of new technologies and their introduction to the enterprise. Her main focus has been helping her clients make sense of the impact of new and emerging technologies on existing IT systems and business processes, as well as the security, risk, and regulatory implications.

Most recently, Martha provided custom research studies for tier 1 CIOs, covering topics ranging from big data to the role of the CIO in the transition to the digital economy. Prior to that, she held a variety of senior management and individual contributor positions at Freeform Dynamics, as well as various companies within the Datamonitor Group. Martha's first analyst role was as a vice president at Giga Information Group, which was later acquired by Forrester, where she became research director for financial services. Before joining Giga, Martha's roles included head of advanced technology at Prudential and manager at Price Waterhouse's World Multimedia Unit.


Martha earned an M.A. in English literature, American studies, and modern history from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany. A qualified translator, Martha is fully bilingual in English and German.

Martha Bennett's Research

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