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Mass Customization Is (Finally) The Future Of Products – A Social Computing Report

Apply The CURA Framework To Build A Winning Customized Product Strategy

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    Mass customization has long been the next big thing in product strategy. After a variety of false starts, its time has finally come. Changes in customer-facing technology are opening up new opportunities for product strategists to bring customers into product design, creating both customer loyalty and higher margins. While it will take a decade for mass customization to become widespread, product strategists should seize the opportunity to be first movers today. Product strategists can build successful mass-customization strategies by applying Forrester's CURA framework: curation, usability, resonance, and anticipation. Ultimately, mass customization holds the promise of helping bring manufacturing back to the US and EU due to the need for local production and highly skilled labor.
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    • Mass Customization Is The Future Of Products In An Age Of Customers
    • Execution Has Hindered Mass Customization
    • Seize First-Mover Advantage In Mass Customization Today
    • Apply The CURA Framework To Succeed With Mass Customization
    • The Future: Deliver Individual Products With Rich, Pervasive Customization

      Leverage Mass Customization To Drive Customer-Centric Product Strategies

      Mass Customization Will Lead Manufacturing Back To The US And EU
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