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    Content marketing is one of marketers' biggest winners in terms of net new budget, as they realize that valuable, customer-centric content is an effective way to engage with empowered customers. With greater budget and resources, however, comes greater accountability. Marketing leaders must be increasingly able to answer questions such as: Does our content appeal to our key audiences? Which formats are working and which aren't? How is content influencing audiences? Are we forging the basis of better long-term and more efficient relationships with existing and future customers? And how is all of this activity contributing to the business' success? These are hard questions that demand both analytical acumen and sound strategic judgment from marketers. Read this report to learn how to tease meaning out of both the clicks and next steps driven by content and — perhaps even more importantly — to learn how content changes customers' attitudes toward a brand and, ultimately, drives positive business outcomes.
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    • Measurement Is At The Core Of Successful Content Marketing
    • Master The Link Between Content And Marketing Goals
    • Track Three Performance Dimensions For Content Marketing Success
    • Combine Art And Science To Automate Content Marketing Optimization

      Put Your Organization First In The Content Measurement Picture
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