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Michael Wilson

Executive Vice President, Technology & Customer Strategies

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    Michael Wilson has been the Executive Vice President of Technology and Customer Strategies at the National Center since February 2002.

    As the EVT, Mr. Wilson is responsible for the leadership and general management of the Association's websites, enterprise applications, technology infrastructure and desktops (including the Technology Service Desk), National Service Center, affiliate and business relationships in addition to enterprise-wide eBusiness and eMarketing.

    Mr. Wilson began his career with AHA as the Director of Organizational Services with the Texas Affiliate in 1978, where he managed the Information Technology, Human Resources, Shipping and Printing Departments. Later, held several leadership positions beginning with the Executive Director to the Gulf Coast Council in 1979 and then relocated to Syracuse, NY in 1983 as the Executive Vice President of the New York State Affiliate, a position held through February 2002.