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Microsoft Shows How Product Managers Can Use Serious Games

An Empowered Report: Microsoft Uses Productivity Games To Test Windows And Office Communicator

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    For product managers, getting workers to help test new products has always proven to be a challenge, making finding an engaging inducement for participation the Holy Grail. As a panacea, a small but growing team at Microsoft created productivity games to encourage employee participation in the quality assurance (QA) testing of software. Microsoft's most successful use of games to support software QA processes is the Language Quality Game, which was used to check language translation in the Windows 7 user interface. The marrying of serious gaming and business process is now spreading within Microsoft as other groups apply the lessons learned from the Language Quality Game. For product managers looking to mimic Microsoft's use of games in product development, it is best to start small, focusing on a specific issue within a business process that will allow you to build use cases through experimentation.
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    • Businesses Struggle To Incent Employees To Tackle New And Different Tasks
    • Empowered Employees Make Serious Games Work At Microsoft

      Start Small With A Specific Part Of A Business Problem

      Leveraging Games Makes Product Managers Innovative Problem-Solvers
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