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Microsoft's Shrinking Window For Tablets

Windows 8 Shows Promise, But Its Fifth-Mover Product Strategy Is Late

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    Microsoft faces challenges in the tablet market due to its late entry. While Windows 8 looks like a promising product for tablet computing, its release won't come until sometime next year. Though Microsoft's OEM partners are embracing the platform, consumer interest has plummeted during the past nine months. Windows product strategists will have to overcome several disadvantages associated with being a fifth mover in the tablet market. Product strategists in any industry have to evaluate their potential to be "fast followers": Waiting too long to follow raises the bar your product must meet to compete.
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    • Windows 8, Though A Promising Product, Looks Increasingly Late To The Game
    • Microsoft's Product Strategy Must Compensate For A Two-Year Product Gap

      "Fast Following" Requires Amping Up The Experience, Not Just The Features
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