Mike Gualtieri

Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery PROFESSIONALS

Mike's research focuses on software technology, platforms, and practices that enable technology professionals to deliver prescient customer experiences and breakthrough operational efficiency. His key technology and platform coverage areas are big data strategy, Hadoop, advanced analytics, machine learning, data science practices, predictive apps design, and emerging technologies that make software faster and smarter. Mike is also a leading expert on the intersection of business strategy, architecture, design, and creative collaboration.

Mike is a recipient of the Forrester Courage Award for making bold calls that inspire leaders and guide great decisions.

Previous Work Experience

Mike has more than 25 years' experience in the industry helping firms design and develop mission-critical applications in eCommerce, insurance, banking, travel/hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and scientific research for organizations including NASA, eBay, Bank of America, Liberty Mutual, Nielsen, EMC, and others. He has written thousands of lines of code, managed development teams, and consulted with dozens of technology firms on product, marketing, and R&D strategy.

He is a frequent and sought-after speaker at industry, corporate, educational, and technology events for his audience-designed, insightful, and energetic speeches.


Mike earned a B.S. in computer science and management from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. While a student, Mike was awarded three US patents for inventing an expert system used to train air traffic controllers around the world.

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  • Mike Gualtieri
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report:Quick Take: Teradata Must Lean Hard Into BT

    Teradata Reinvents Itself As A Data Management ESV As Disruption Hits The Industry With Full Force

    Teradata has enjoyed dominance as the best-of-breed in data warehousing for the largest of enterprises. But unprecedented disruption from open source solutions, simple cloud-based options, and...

    • Downloads: 64
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Brief: Can Hadoop's Enterprise Loose Ends Be Tied By The Open Data Platform Initiative?

    Hadoop is a must-have for large enterprises, but adopting it can be a challenge. Hadoop is not one thing, it is a collection of open source technologies and tools, some of which overlap, in a dynamic...

    • Downloads: 179
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Digital Creepiness: How Not To Spook Your Customers

    Find, But Don't Cross Your Customer's Creepiness Line When Designing, Developing, And Delivering Digital Experiences

    Customers are flocking to apps that use more personal information because they find them intensely valuable. However, at the same time, many people think its creepy how much detailed information...

    • Downloads: 234
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Customer Data Should Be The Lifeblood Of Your Enterprise

    Some say that data is the new oil — but we think that comparing data to oil is too limiting. Data is the new sun: it's limitless and touches everything firms do. Customer data is the most...

    • Downloads: 855
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Warehouse, Q4 2013

    Although enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is a mature technology, vendors continue to innovate and enhance its real-time analytics, distributed in-memory, advanced compression, and scalable appliance...

    • Downloads: 1187
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Flex Your Customer Data Muscle: Do You Have What It Takes?

    Customer data management (CDM) is no longer a boring, backwater capability. It is a foundation for and fundamental to success in the age of the customer. What are your firm's CDM capabilities? That's...

    • Downloads: 145
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Augment DevOps With NoOps

    DevOps Is Good, But Cloud Computing Will Usher In NoOps

    Development + operations = DevOps. DevOps denotes better communication and collaboration between application development professionals and infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals. DevOps...

    • Downloads: 769
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Empowering The "Business Developer"

    An Empowered Report: Accentuate The Positives And Eliminate The Negatives Of Businessperson-Developed Applications

    The ranks of empowered businesspeople who want to develop applications are swelling due to the proliferation of easy-to-use development tools, the mushrooming demand for applications, the growth of...

    • Downloads: 596
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:For iPhone Launch, Razorfish Uses An Elastic Application Platform

    The breakneck adoption of the Apple iPhone posed big challenges for Razorfish, the firm that developed the iPhone activation application for the UK. To support the activation of 12,000 iPhones per...

    • Downloads: 246
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:The Top Five Changes For Application Development In 2010

    After The Recession, The New Normal Will Remain "Lean And Mean"

    Niccolò Machiavelli said it best: "Never waste the opportunities created by a good crisis." Over the past year, the Great Recession has forced everyone in IT to think differently about where to...

    • Downloads: 2461
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Case Study: How Orbitz Takes You Places Faster

    Tuning Pages, Code, And Infrastructure For Performance Is The Key

    In the highly competitive online travel business, the leading Web sites are under constant pressure to improve customer loyalty by delivering a richer, more interactive experience with lightning fast...

    • Downloads: 401
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Must You Choose Between Business Rules And Complex Event Processing Platforms?

    Understand The Sweet Spots Of Each To Make An Informed Decision

    How can you choose between investing in a business rules platform and a complex event processing (CEP) platform? The answer is not as easy as saying "a business rules platform is for rules" and "CEP...

    • Downloads: 1057
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Case Study: Hypo Real Estate Enables Credit Risk Professionals With Business Rules

    Achieve Greater Agility, Transparency, And Compliance In An Uncertain Regulatory Environment

    Uncertainty in lending regulatory requirements is putting pressure on credit risk modelers to become more responsive. Munich-based Hypo Real Estate Group (HRE), an international banking specialist...

    • Downloads: 273
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Best Practices In Implementing Business Rules

    Empower Your Business Users To Author And Maintain Business Rules

    Business rules platforms are a key enabler of today's architectural imperative to build for constant change. Why? In large part because business rules platforms give business analysts the authoring...

    • Downloads: 1477
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:The Truth About Business Rules Algorithms

    Authoring Flexibility Is Just As Important As Execution Performance

    The algorithm you select to process your business rules can make a big difference in the authoring flexibility and execution performance of your application. Confusing vendor messaging, the indirect...

    • Downloads: 700
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Case Study: Financial Services Firm Designs For Reuse

    Moving from legacy architecture to a second-generation architecture based on Java gave this large financial services firm the opportunity to design for reuse from the ground up. Standardization and...

    • Downloads: 298
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:The Forrester Wave™: Business Rules Platforms, Q2 2008

    ILOG, Fair Isaac, Pegasystems, Corticon, And Haley Lead, But Innovations Software Technology Is Also Very Strong

    Forrester evaluated 13 platforms from 11 vendors using 175 criteria and found ILOG JRules, Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor, and Pegasystems PegaRULES to be resounding Leaders as general-purpose business...

    • Downloads: 2847
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Business Rules And SOA Ease The Burden Of Regulatory Compliance

    An Enterprise Rules Approach Provides One Set Of Rules For All Apps

    Leading financial services institutions have combined business rules platforms with service-oriented architecture (SOA), creating an effective strategy for enforcing enterprisewide compliance....

    • Downloads: 735