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Mobile Management Takes A 180-Degree Turn – A BT Futures Report

Focus Quickly Shifts From Managing Mobile Devices To Managing Apps And Data

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    The managed mobile environment services market is about to go through a fundamental change. Currently, traditional providers focus on managing the device and its security. Moving forward, Forrester believes that the market will dramatically change course and that the emphasis will shift to building mobile app stores and managing the growing pool of apps and data on a burgeoning array of smartphones and tablets. To account for this shift, we revised and increased our prediction for the size of the mobile device management market in 2015 from $3.9 billion to $6.6 billion. In addition to providing the revised numbers, this report looks at how the market for helping firms manage the mobile devices and the applications and data on them will evolve over the next five years.
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    • Momentum And Innovation Around Mobile And Tablets Accelerate
    • Expanded Mobility Investments Change The Tenor Of Device Management

      Mobile Environment Management Services Change IT And Vendor Landscape
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