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Mobile Maturity Equates To Mobile Competency

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    eBusiness professionals began to develop mobile services in earnest with the launch of the Apple App Store in 2008. They now have five-plus years of experience under their belts. Initially, they focused on learning, gathering experience, and enhancing their brands through mobile launches. Today, they are sophisticated mobile experts who are quickly advancing their mobile services while at the same time staffing, funding, and organizing to continually roll out excellent services for both phones and tablets. But too many eBusiness professionals are still building apps for the mobile phone and tablet that simply mimic the functionality of the website — a short-sighted, though pragmatic, approach. This report, an update to the report of the same name published on November 2, 2012, will help eBusiness professionals benchmark the maturity or readiness of their organization to design, develop, and deploy mobile services and understand how the landscape has changed in the past year.
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