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Mobile Payments Enter A Disruptive Phase

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    The pace of innovation in mobile payments is accelerating. 2011 is finally the year when Near Field Communication (NFC) will reach the hands of millions of consumers, while initiatives in the digital micropayment arena are accelerating. While we believe that mass-market adoption of mobile payments is still years away, new entrants — be they mobile operators, alternative payment providers, or online players — have the potential to disrupt existing payment systems. Consumer product strategy professionals should anticipate different disruptive scenarios and determine the likelihood of them happening. To define the correct strategy, be it defensive or offensive, they need to measure the convenience of their new products and services. And, at a tactical level, they shouldn't underestimate the need to educate consumers about new payment methods.
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    • Making Sense Of Mobile Payments
    • Mobile Payments Are Disrupting The Existing Payments Landscape
    • Mobile Payments: What Product Strategists Should Anticipate

      Anticipate Different Disruptive Scenarios And Think About Convenience
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