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Mobile Technographics®: US Online Shoppers – A POST Report

Choosing The Right Approach For Your Target Consumers

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    Consumers' spending on products and services via mobile devices, as well as their increasing reliance on them for product research, is intensifying the mobile imperative for retailers. Forrester recommends the POST methodology to eBusiness professionals developing mobile strategies and building out services. The first step is understanding the mobile behavior of your own customers. Forrester analyzes the combination of consumers' mobile behaviors to create a Mobile Technographics Profile that provides a comprehensive view of each segment's use of mobile phones. Doing so is essential, as consumer use of mobile phones will vary by shopping category. In this report, Forrester compares the mobile behavior of US online shoppers for consumer electronics, apparel, and home goods to illustrate these differences and how they have affected mobile service strategies across industries.
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    • The POST Method: A Systematic Approach To Mobile Strategy
    • Increasing Consumer Usage Intensifies The Mobile Imperative For Retailers
    • Understand The Behavior Of Your Audience Today But Anticipate Evolution

      Start POST With A Mobile Technographics Analysis Of Your Customers
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