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Mobile World Congress 2010: Welcome To Nontelecom Players!

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    The mobile industry is in full swing. Its center of gravity is shifting from hardware to software, from voice to data and services, and from traditional telecom stakeholders to new entrants. Google's "mobile first" approach and the shadow that Apple cast over the show are forcing mobile operators in particular to redefine their position in the value chain. The traditional focus on infrastructure and this year's debate on operators' congested networks need to be put in the context of nontelecom players' willingness to monetize mobile. Mobile World Congress is a unique opportunity to witness how mobile is reinventing itself and to see how it will become even more disruptive in consumers' daily lives in the future. Consumer product strategists who want to define or refine their mobile road map for the coming months and years need to understand the tectonic shifts affecting the industry. They shouldn't be seduced by overhyped trends, such as augmented reality, and they should avoid putting all their eggs in one basket: It is far too risky to bet on a single player or a single technology.
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    • The Traditional Mobile Industry Is In Full Swing
    • Nontelecom Companies Are Increasingly Willing To Monetize Mobile
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