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Monetizing Market Insights

Aligning Market Insights To Business Goals Drives Value

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    In most organizations, market insights professionals struggle to link the insights they provide to actual business impact and value. This is at odds with executives, who are aligning their internal organizations to business goals, monitoring and measuring them against key performance indicators (KPIs), and potentially cutting products, processes, or people that do not produce results. By not being able to prove its value, market insights risks being overloaded, offshored, or outsourced. This report shows market insights professionals how to gain the needed proof points to show the value of insights, and, in the process, become business enablers.
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    • Market Insights Is In Danger If It Cannot Measure Its Value
    • How Market Insights Builds Its Value

      Align Market Insights To Business Goals
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      Market Insights Will Be Measured Against Key Value And Performance Metrics