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Move Beyond Disaster Recovery And Prepare For Business Technology Resiliency

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    This report outlines the vision of Forrester's solution for infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives planning their organization's business technology (BT) resiliency strategy — the evolution of disaster recovery and high availability. This is critical because in today's digital age, businesses compete 24x7 on a global stage — and if IT is unavailable, the business is unavailable. Business leaders and users don't care if it's a hurricane, cyberattack, or human error that disrupts IT services — they expect these services to be available no matter the cause. Declared disasters are far more common than I&O pros expect, manifesting themselves in mundane events such as power outages and data corruption that have catastrophic impacts. To meet these new demands, it's time to evolve beyond just disaster recovery and single site high availability to address BT resiliency holistically. This report will help you navigate the major trends affecting BT resiliency over the next five years.
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    • Disaster Recovery Isn't Enough To Support Business' 24x7 Availability
    • Evolve From Disaster Recovery To Business Technology Resiliency
    • People: I&O Must Elevate And Embed Resiliency Into Every IT Function
    • Process: BT Resiliency Takes A Customer-Centric View Of Availability
    • Technology: BT Resiliency Requires Dynamic Workload Balancing

      Design For Uptime, But Prepare For Failure
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