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    Amplified customer expectations in the age of the customer and the intensified competition they bring are accelerating the pace of modern application delivery. Process and organizational changes alone are not sufficient; automation is the key to achieving faster results while improving governance, transparency, auditability, and quality. Continuous flow management techniques based on Lean Manufacturing approaches and supported by automation tools simplify or eliminate process handoffs, cut delays, and reduce waste and cost. The modern application delivery landscape is evolving far too quickly for any single vendor to cover the entire value stream; combining tools from different vendors and seamlessly linking them together to streamline and accelerate the delivery process is essential to success. This report describes the modern application delivery value stream and the essential technologies needed to successfully deliver higher-quality modern applications faster and at a lower cost.
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    • Industrial Application Delivery Is Here — Embrace The Revolution
    • Small Changes Add Up To Big Results
    • Modern Application Delivery Requires Industrialization
    • Automation Enables A Closed-Loop Feedback System
    • It Takes An Ecosystem To Build A Modern Application

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