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Navigate The Co-Creation Vendor Landscape

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    Co-creation will become a key business tool for product strategy professionals as they strive to incorporate it into their open innovation strategiesin order to develop better products, services, and experiences for their customers. The challenge for many product strategists is knowing which co-creation engagement to use to accomplish their business objectives. Forrester has developed a navigation tool to help product strategists understand which engagement can solve which internal problem. We also present information about costs, strengths, weaknesses, and some of the strong vendors participating in the market— as well as how we envision the fragmented co-creation market to evolve in the longer term.This report is an update to "Navigating The Co-Creation Landscape," originally published in June 2011, and outlines the tools and vendors of Forrester's solution for product strategists working on product and service innovation.

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    • Product Strategists Need Help Moving Forward With Co-Creation
    • Forrester's Navigation Tool Identifies The Best Co-Creation Option(s)

      Vendors Will Evolve From Niche To Full-Service Co-Creation Providers
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