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Negotiating Desktop Outsourcing Deals

Impact Factors Help You Decide When To Accept Standard Offers And When To Require Custom Solutions

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    Many companies are unprepared when they start their outsourcing initiatives, lacking a structured way to consider the major factors that will affect their outsourcing needs. This lapse leads to negative surprises during the contract term. To avoid this, sourcing and vendor management (SVM) professionals should get transparency about providers' existing service delivery, research the differences in providers' standard service offerings, and understand the impact of standard versus custom requirements on pricing. SVM professionals should know how to handle and manage the factors that impact desktop service pricing and how to identify the influencing parties. By doing so, SVM professionals will add more value to their deals and ensure higher satisfaction from internal stakeholders.
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    • Price Impact Factors Determine What You Pay For Desktop Outsourcing Services

      Successful Negotiations Begin In The RFP Preparation Phase — Prepare Early
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