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Netbooks Are The Third PC Form Factor

Netbook Strategists Should Position Them As Complements To A Main PC

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    Netbooks are one of the hottest consumer product categories in the consumer technology industry. Consumer product strategists want to know how many consumers are interested in netbooks and whether these inexpensive devices will cannibalize sales of more expensive laptops. Forrester's data shows that more than a third of US consumers are interested in netbooks as a second or third PC that they could use while on the go, while a quarter of consumers would consider giving them to their children. Netbooks are therefore more than just cheap alternatives that can hurt sales of traditional PCs — rather, they serve a distinct purpose. In fact, netbooks represent a third form factor in the consumer PC space, in addition to laptops and desktops. Consumer product strategists should reinforce the idea that netbooks are complements to, rather than replacements for, traditional PCs through their product development and marketing strategies.
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    • Consumers Are Ready To Embrace Netbooks

      Netbooks Are A Third Form Factor In The Consumer PC Industry

      Center Netbook Strategies Around The "Adjunct To The PC" Concept
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