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New IT Models Will Focus On Service Improvement And Cost Reduction

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    The recession gave CIOs the opportunity to consider new models for IT. But what new models and what parts of IT are they considering? And which models will stand the test of time? To answer this question, Forrester surveyed 178 IT executives, asking them if they were anticipating a restructuring, why, and what new models were of interest. We found that more than half expected that IT would be restructured within three years with the primary reasons being to improve services, reduce costs, and increase consistency of processes and systems. Not surprisingly, restructuring the applications organization was the highest priority, as this provides the greatest potential for cost savings and increased innovation. Finally, the business-process-based organization received the greatest interest; demand-supply and plan-build-run models came in second and third.
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    • IT Leaders Plan To Shake Up Their Organizational Structures
    • Different Types And Sizes Of Organizations Have Different Interests

      Economic Interest And Early Benefits Will Push New Models
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    • Models & Calculators:

      Interest In Restructuring Is High

    • Models & Calculators:

      Service Improvement, Cost Reduction, And Consistency Are Primary Restructuring Drivers

    • Models & Calculators:

      Applications Groups Are The Primary Targets For Restructuring

    • Models & Calculators:

      The Greatest Interest Is In Business-Process-Based Models