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Next-Generation Digital Financial Services – A Social Computing Report

Make It Simple, Ubiquitous, Personal, Empowering, And Reassuring

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    Rising customer expectations and an increasingly dynamic retail financial services market are making many financial firms' websites seem increasingly outdated. While most eBusiness executives want to provide compelling digital experiences, most financial services firms' online services don't take advantage of the full potential of online and mobile technologies today. eBusiness and channel strategy executives need to develop a new generation of digital financial services that are SUPER: simple, ubiquitous, personal, empowering, and reassuring. eBusiness executives should use SUPER as a guideline to start creating next-generation digital financial services today. Building the next generation will require a transformation to agile commerce, an approach that enables business to optimize their people, process, and technology to serve customers across all touchpoints.
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    • Financial Services Firms Must Provide Better Digital Services
    • Next-Generation Digital Financial Services Will Be SUPER
    • Take An Agile Approach To Building A New Generation

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