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NoSQL Offers New Options To Application Developers

Overcoming RDBMS Limitations Enables New Application Patterns

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    Business growth and speed are driving new application and data requirements that demand different approaches to data management. Although relational databases are great for most business applications, they are less able to support extreme performance and web scale, unstructured and semistructured data, and dynamic schemas. NoSQL, an alternative approach to managing data, offers new capabilities that overcome these gaps, enabling developers to support new application patterns. Used correctly, NoSQL complements your existing relational database management system (RDBMS) strategy, bearing in mind its limitations in transaction management, security, availability, and support. Application architects and development leaders should now seriously consider using NoSQL to support these new application patterns, such as working with social media or exploiting large-scale business analytics.
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    • NoSQL Offers A Viable Alternative To RDBMS — But Proceed With Caution
    • Not All Applications Should Use NoSQL

      NoSQL Should Be Part Of Your Application Development Strategy
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