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Office 2013: A Breakthrough In Productivity

Highly Integrated With A Risk Of Lock-In

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    Microsoft looks to strike three very familiar chords with the release of Office 2013: mobile, social, and cloud. Each has become table stakes for enterprise software, and in order for Microsoft to maintain its dominant position in knowledge worker technology in the enterprise. It gets cloud right within the context of a hybrid delivery model, it has the foundation for social with Yammer, but it got mobile wrong with a "Windows Mobile first" strategy. Another part of Microsoft's strategy is anything but new: bundle, integrate, lock in. Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and core Office applications all offer many significant enhancements, and the integration between Office properties is becoming deeper, more meaningful, and intended to drive deeper investment in a suite of Microsoft offerings.
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    • A Consciously Planned, Highly Integrated Delivery Approach
    • SharePoint: Integrated And Feature-Rich Content-Centric Workloads
    • Lync Becomes A Comprehensive UC Solution, But It Needs To Get Social
    • Mobility And Archiving Will Make Life Better For Admins
    • Improvements And Challenges Span All Products

      Key Decision: Get Into Office Even Deeper?
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