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Open Source eCommerce Solutions: Truths And Myths

Is Using An Open Source eCommerce Platform Solution Right For Your Business?

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    Open source eCommerce solutions are gaining the attention of eCommerce business and technology leaders, who are curious about their viability and applicability to their business needs. While open source offers many potential benefits, Forrester uncovered some truths and myths about these solutions in many interviews and recent discussions. Our findings indicate that businesses should evaluate the products on their fundamental merits and should not overlook the downsides associated with customizing and supporting these solutions to meet their eCommerce needs and goals. As they say, there is no free lunch.
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    • Interest In Open Source eCommerce Applications Is Growing
    • Truths And Myths Behind The Promises
    • Expect To See More And More Midsize eCommerce Sites On Open Source

      Decide If Open Source Is Right For Your Business
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