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Opening New Doors With IPv6

Identify The Business Benefits Of IPv6 And Break Deployments Into Three Areas

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    What's different between electric cars, flux capacitors, and IPv6? Absolutely nothing! They're all hyped technologies that have yet to come to full fruition. For IPv6, that's about to change. The last remaining IPv4 addresses will be handed out in mid-2011, and the US federal government has issued a 2012 mandate that has forced IPv6 to be a front-and-center topic with enterprise I&O managers. But the real ignition point for IPv6's launch are three business benefits over IPv4: 1) unlocking new customers; 2) providing customized services; and 3) increasing collaboration. The bad news is that IPv6 deployments are complex and touch virtually all aspects of your infrastructure. The good news is that IPv6 can be broken up into three discrete areas: Internet presence, Internet access, and intranet transport. Start today by creating an IPv6 working group that can audit your IPv6 requirements and initiating the execution of IPv6 in your web-facing infrastructure. Then move on to the other areas in 2012 or beyond.
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    • It's Time For IPv6
    • Enterprises Have Taken The IPv6 Path Of Least Resistance
    • Selling The IPv6 Transition To The CEO And CIO
    • Start Your IPv6 Migration Now, Or Pay Dearly Later

      IPv6 Will Mirror VoIP's "If You Build It, They Will Come" Trajectory
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