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Organizing For Digital Disruption: Where And How To Ignite The Disruption You Need

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    Forrester's surveys make it clear that executives believe in digital disruption; a majority of them are excited to put into practice the foundational tenets on which digital disruption must be built: a deeper digital customer relationship, an expanded total product experience, and a dynamic process for learning from customers what to offer them next. However, when they try to move forward, structural, cultural, and procedural obstacles stymie them. In this report, we propose a system for quickly injecting digitally disruptive processes into any firm, addressing the specific obstacles that hinder disruptive change with one of three organizational approaches.

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    • The Economics Of Digital Disruption Require That You Participate
    • Identifying Digital Disruption's Promises And Pitfalls
    • Obstacles To Digital Disruption Require An Organizational Response
    • Diagnose Your Obstacles; Identify Your Organizational Approach

      Take The Next Step Now; Expand Your Disruptive Potential As You Go
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      Three Obstacles That Hamper Digital Disruption