While there are many types of outsourcing, in general it refers to contracting a business process or function previously performed in-house to an outside entity. Research coverage includes application outsourcing, data center outsourcing, and hosting and managed services.


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    Report: Indian Tech Market Outlook, 2016 To 2017

    In 2016, India will outpace all Asia Pacific countries in technology spending growth. Rapidly maturing customer expectations in the country will force businesses to deliver better digital experi...

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    Report: China Tech Market Outlook, 2016 To 2017

    Technology spending in China will reach $147 billion in 2016 as organizations accelerate digital transformation initiatives by rapidly increasing their business technology investments. This repo...

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    Report: Australian Tech Market Outlook, 2016 To 2017

    This is the time of year when CIOs and their business partners plan their 2016 tech budgets. To help CIOs with this process, this report provides our current forecast for the Australian tech mar...

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    Report: 2016 Tech Budget Benchmarks

    Every year, CIOs look for tech budget benchmarks to defend tech spending levels to business partners and to help determine where their firm may be overspending or underspending on technology. In...

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    Report: B2B Inside Sales: "Inside Or Out?" — That Is The Question

    As business-to-business (B2B) companies better align the buyer's and seller's journey, inside sales teams will play a more prominent role in the buyer's engagement process while simultaneously e...

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