While there are many types of outsourcing, in general it refers to contracting a business process or function previously performed in-house to an outside entity. Research coverage includes application outsourcing, data center outsourcing, and hosting and managed services.

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    Report:Embrace The Hybrid Technology Ecosystem For Service Design

    Processes: The Infrastructure Transformation Playbook

    Motivated by the explosion of third-party infrastructure, technology platform alternatives, and the growing popularity of cloud services, many organizations want to get out of the data center...

    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Consider Bare-Metal As A Viable Cloud Option

      Simplicity Is Key For Many Performance-Sensitive Services

      I&O pros face increasingly stringent SLAs for high-volume customer-facing transactions to serve a bold, dynamic BT agenda. VM-based IaaS cloud services have become a strong infrastructure solution...

      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Brief: Service Marketplaces Create A Hub For Your Hybrid Ecosystem

        Emerging Data Center Marketplaces Empower The Customer And Threaten Traditional Sales Channels

        When it comes time to provision new data center capacity, most infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros today consider a multitude of scenarios — such as expanding existing facilities, renting...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Brief: Be Aware Of These Key Sourcing Trends For Managed Services And Cloud

        Do You Need To Rethink Your Sourcing Strategy In 2015?

        The sourcing of technical services is changing based on different trends: Technology management teams will continue to rely on managed technical services due to their inability to transform existing...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:How Will Your Private Cloud Pass The Developer Self-Service Litmus Test?

        Developer Self-Service Access Enables Rapid App Delivery

        Developers judge private cloud initiatives by the degree of autonomous access they get to environments and resources that tech management provides. Few enterprises offer developer self-service to...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Brief: Change Buying Habits For New Data Center Solution Packaging

        Colocation Providers Adapt To Help You Better Serve Your Customers

        Formerly targeting only raw cost reduction, data center and colocation service providers have matured with evolving services. Providers have recognized the need to serve a true business technology...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:I&O Skills And Staffing In A Consumerized World

        Organization: The Workforce Enablement Playbook

        The challenge of deploying and supporting a wide range of new technologies to support their company's increasingly mobile workforce has triggered infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:The Forrester Wave™: Global Infrastructure Outsourcing, Q1 2015

        The Global Infrastructure Outsourcing Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

        Given companies' shift in business focus from cost reduction to growth in revenues and improving the customer experience, infrastructure outsourcing services have become an important part of...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:North American Global Infrastructure Outsourcing Market Overview

        Infrastructure Outsourcers Adapt To The BT Agenda

        As enterprises continue to pursue the BT agenda, various sourcing options continue to be critical to your mission. The 10-year outsourcing contract has largely disappeared, but what has emerged in...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Market Overview: EMEA Infrastructure Services Outsourcing In 2015

        Infrastructure Services Are Adapting To The BT Agenda In EMEA

        As organizations look to innovate their business technology, technology managers seek partners that can help them provide better, faster, and more cost-effective infrastructure services. This is...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:The Forrester Wave™: Hosted Private Cloud Solutions, Q4 2014

        Virtustream And Datapipe Lead The Way, With CSC, HP, Dell, And Blue Box Close Behind

        This emerging market Forrester Wave™ report focuses on hosted private cloud solutions. In our 25-criteria evaluation, we identified the 16 most significant providers — AT&T, Blue Box, Canopy,...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Quick Take: OpenStack Summit, Q4 2014

        With Its Juno Release, OpenStack Is Getting Boring — Good!

        With cloud computing influencing so much of your BT agenda, you're paying significant attention to the OpenStack infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud platform. As an infrastructure and operations...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Infrastructure Services Evolve Into Digital Shared Service Delivery Models

        How Clients Can Participate In The Infrastructure Services Evolution

        Business requirements for more flexibility, higher efficiency, and shorter time-to-market are leading to a stronger willingness from clients to explore infrastructure services in more flexible and...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Consider Colocation As A Key To Your Holistic Data Center Strategy

        Evolved Options Can Help Optimize Your Technology Ecosystem

        As your business depends more on technology services for daily operations and customer engagement platforms, data center capacity demands will continue to increase. You now face a more urgent task of...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Top 10 Facts Every Tech Management Leader Should Know About Private Cloud

        Cloud is an essential component of every enterprise tech management strategy, but sifting through market noise to design a robust cloud strategy isn't easy. Despite reported high private cloud...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Quick Take: OpenStack Summit, Q2 2014

        Atlanta Summit Features Icehouse Release

        Every six months, OpenStack hosts a summit to discuss its latest release while hosting its Design Summit and Ops Summit for its next release. OpenStack is the single largest open source solution in...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Understand The Cloud Service Provider Market Landscape

        Landscape: The Cloud Computing Playbook

        With cloud computing services now formal members of the technology management portfolio, the challenge shifts from understanding cloud to selecting the right partners. Most hosting companies, managed...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:The State Of Business Technology Resiliency, Q2 2014

        Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders have a growing number of services and tools to better prepare themselves for any type of event, whether it's natural or manmade; however, that doesn't mean...

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