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POST: Developing An iPad Product Strategy

Product Strategists Need Discipline In Developing For The Device Splinternet

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    The Splinternet, Forrester's term for the proliferation of platforms and devices, has a new addition: Apple's iPad. Even though the iPad's current install base pales in comparison to other platforms, the enthusiasm that surrounds it, along with its unique product development opportunities, prompts product strategists to bump it to the top of their priority lists. Forrester's POST methodology — people, objectives, strategy, technology — provides product strategists with a practical framework for thinking through the impact on customers and the business before deciding if and how to incorporate the iPad into your product strategy. Product strategists in the automotive, consumer products, education, energy and utilities, financial services, government, healthcare, media, retail, tech, and travel industries all have opportunities to employ the iPad in their product strategy, either through apps, browser-based content, or using the device itself.
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    • The Splinternet Requires Smart Allocation Of Product Development Resources
    • POST: A Framework For Thinking Beyond Technology Alone

      Use POST For iPad As A Template For Your Broader Splinternet Strategy
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