Pascal Matzke

Vice President, Research Director serving CIOs

Pascal is a member of Forrester's Business Technology Futures team, which serves CIOs and their business partners by predicting the long-term business impact of information technology. His research focus is on as-a-service business models and tech-driven business transformation, analyzing the shifting and consolidating IT services and outsourcing market, as well as underlying IT market dynamics. His research examines new constituencies of buyers and suppliers that are currently reshaping and recasting the IT services market.

In addition, Pascal regularly advises end user clients on their IT services and sourcing strategies, with a particular emphasis on outsourcing decision issues, RFP creation, and vendor selection and vendor management. His research spans the business strategies, operational processes, and portfolio elements required to achieve and sustain market leadership. For example, he co-authored Forrester's Big Idea on "Converged Service Delivery: The Missing Link In Achieving Business Flexibility." Pascal is a frequent public speaker and is regularly quoted by leading business newspapers and IT magazines, such as CIO Magazine, Computing, The Economist, the Financial Times, Handelsblatt, InformationWeek, and the International Herald Tribune.

Previous Work Experience

Pascal joined Forrester in 2005 from META Group, where he was a European lead analyst and consulting director responsible for IT services and vendor strategy issues. Previously, Pascal came from Giga Information Group, where he was a senior analyst and solution program manager covering IT services and outsourcing topics, as well as the relevant vendor evaluation methodologies. Prior to joining Giga Information Group in 1997, Pascal was involved in management consulting projects at a Munich-based consulting company, mainly in the telecommunications and IT services area.


Pascal earned an M.A. in political science, economics, and modern history from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany.

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