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Persona Project Costs And Deliverables – A Client Choice Report

Small Firms And Interactive Agencies Report On The Number Of Personas Created, Interviews Conducted, And Costs

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    Surveys of user experience vendors uncovered 18 interactive agencies and 30 small firms with significant experience creating personas. The two groups report averaging four personas and roughly 20 interviews per client engagement in 2006. Project size varied widely, from tiny jobs with as few as one persona costing as little as $3,000 to engagements that produced 15 personas or cost as much as $275,000. Persona suppliers in both groups expect both the number and cost of persona projects they work on to increase in 2007. When selecting a vendor to create personas, consider the scope of the project and who will do the interaction design work.
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    • Vendors Share Number Of Personas, Interviews, And Costs Per Project

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