Peter Wannemacher

Sr Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy PROFESSIONALS

Peter serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. He specializes in serving financial services customers through online, mobile, and other remote channels. He has helped banks, brokerages, insurers, and other financial providers improve their online and mobile services, and plan their online and mobile strategies. Peter works with firms to better understand market opportunities and meet client needs. His recent reports include "Mobile Channel Strategy: An Overview." During his four years at Forrester, Peter has worked on projects that sized the market for mobile financial services, improved firms' online banking functionality, segmented existing customers and prospects, and quantified the value of digital services. In addition, Peter co-developed Forrester's mobile banking and mobile investing ROI models.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to becoming an analyst, Peter was a researcher at Forrester. In that role, he developed Forrester's mobile financial services ROI model and was a key contributor to updating, maintaining, and applying the Forrester Website User Experience and Functionality Benchmark (WSB) methodology.


Peter holds dual M.S. degrees in advertising and applied communications research from Boston University, as well as a B.A. from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

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  • Peter Wannemacher
  • Technology Product Strategies
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    Strategic Plan: The Mobile Banking Strategy Playbook

    Mobile strategies fail when firms fail to understand customers or outline clear business objectives. eBusiness and channel strategy executives at banks should document strategic plans that all...

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    Report:How eBusiness Executives At Financial Services Firms Are Successfully Using Twitter

    Forrester Identifies Five Attributes Of Valuable Client Interactions Via Twitter

    Forrester measured the Twitter activity of 30 North American financial services firms. We found that successful financial services brands on Twitter are proactive, multichannel, conversational,...

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    Report:How Canadian Banking Customers Use Different Channels

    ABMs And The Web Are Now The Two Most Commonly Used Channels

    Just as it has in other countries, the rise of online banking has changed the way Canadians conduct banking activities. Automated banking machines (ABMs) are the most widely used banking channel on a...

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    Report:How US Banking Customers Use Different Channels

    The percentage of US adults who bank online has risen from 51% in 2005 to 59% today. This steady growth has changed the way customers use other channels like branches, automated teller machines...

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    Report:The US Home Insurance Buyer's Journey

    Phone Is The Dominant Channel For Research And Applications

    More than 100 million US online adults own home insurance, and one in 10 applies for a new policy each year. The phone is the most popular research channel, although roughly one-third of researchers...

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    Report:The State Of US Small Business Banking

    Nearly Two-Thirds Of Small Businesses Use The Web For Financial Transactions

    There are more than 25 million small businesses — firms with fewer than 500 employees — in the US, and more than one in 10 US online consumers is a small business owner. The recession has...

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    Report:US Millionaires Use Multiple Channels To Interact With Their Financial Advisors

    Satisfaction Rises With Range Of Channels Used — Not Just Contact Frequency

    Four in five US millionaires have financial advisors, and they use a variety of channels to communicate with them: three or more, on average, in the past year. Phone and in-person are the most widely...

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    Report:What Consumers Want When Enrolling In 401(k)s

    Recent Applicants Favor Online Research Tools And Automatic Enrollment

    More than 70 million US adults — around one-third of the adult population — currently have a 401(k) account or workplace retirement savings plan. Although growth in 401(k) ownership has...

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