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Pleasing Online Travel's Technology Pessimists Can Lead To Greater eBusiness Success

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    Forty-four million US online leisure travelers do not see a role for technology in their lives. These travel technology pessimists use technology, including the Web, because they have to, not necessarily because they want to. A mainstream group, travel technology pessimists tend to be family focused, modest travel spenders, and traditional media consumers. Though 66% are leisure travel Bookers, technology pessimists book much less of their travel online than technology optimists, suppressing your online sales success. To change that, design your Web site to factor in the needs of this more casual group of travelers versus just your power users, and make sure your site has the types of customer support technology pessimists want, such as an easily accessible help section.
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    • More Than Four In 10 Us Online Leisure Travelers Don't Care About Technology

      Four Ways You Can Make Technology Pessimists Like Your Digital Channels
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