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Poor Content Could Cost Travel eBusiness Money

Hotels Are Particularly Vulnerable Due To Inadequate Online Content

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    Online travel content is in true need of a makeover. What written and visual content there is on travel sites — in particular, hotel supplier Web sites — is generic, poorly organized, and confusing. Travelers have had enough: Just half of US online leisure hotel guests are satisfied with the written descriptions and visual content they find online for hotel accommodations and public areas. This affects the bottom line: 38% of US online hotel guests say they avoid staying at certain hotels because the Web site lacks the photos, video, or written content that would make them feel comfortable. These content-sensitive travelers are young, quality-focused travelers who take more trips and spend more on leisure travel annually than other travelers. To improve online travel content, travel eBusiness professionals should avoid the three content mistakes outlined in this report, invest in visual content, and provide context around travel products and features.
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