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Predictive Apps Are The Next Big Thing In Customer Engagement

Leverage Big Data And Predictive Analytics To Supercharge Innovation And Disrupt Your Competitors

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    The answer to developing apps that dazzle the digital consumer and making your company stand out from the competition lies in what Forrester calls "predictive apps." Predictive apps leverage big data predictive analytics to provide the right functionality and the right content on the right device at just the right moment for the right person — an individual person, not a target, niche, or segment. This report introduces predictive apps and advises application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals on how to prepare for this new model of predictive apps — an era that will take digital disruption to its most logical and necessary extreme: a world of hyperindividual experience.
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    • App Expectations Soar To New Heights
    • Predictive Apps Deliver Individual Experiences
    • You Need New Technology And A New Mindset To Deliver Predictive Apps

      It's Time To Expand The Team And Make A Learning Leap

      Predictive Apps: What A Beautiful, Disruptive World It Will Be
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