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Prepare Your Security Organization For The Internet Of Things

Why The Next Internet Revolution Is Much More Alarming Than The Last

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    There is a revolution happening right now; innovative organizations are planning how they can merge the physical and digital worlds to bring new products and experiences to their customers. At the heart of this trend sits the Internet of Things (IoT), a broad concept plotting to make vast amounts of our physical world interactive, IP-enabled, and "smart." As billions of devices connect via the Internet, exchanging information and taking autonomous actions based on continuous input, we will face a paradigm change that will transform our personal lives and revolutionize business. These radical transformations will pose unprecedented data privacy and security challenges to security and risk (S&R) professionals. This Q&A report explains the core concepts, technologies, and issues that you should understand to ensure that your organization doesn't walk blindly into this wave of opportunity and risk.

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    • 1. When can we expect to see a widespread implementation of the IoT?
    • 2. What are the most significant data security and privacy concerns of the IoT?
    • 3. What legislation and governmental policies can we expect?
    • 4. What standards play a role in the adoption of the IoT?
    • 5. What intermediate measures must CISOs take to prepare for the impending revolution?