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Preparing For The Intelligent Enterprise: A Blueprint For Market Insights Professionals

Why Market Insights + Customer Intelligence = Competitive Advantage

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    Companies now have more data on their customers than ever before, from surveys to social media, web analytics, and transactional data. However, most firms lack the structure and process to translate disparate data sources into a holistic view of the customer. As companies become more customer-centric, market insights professionals must evolve their role to meet the needs of organizations that constantly collect customer data from multiple channels and methods. We expect a new kind of insights organization to emerge, combining the old roles of market research and database marketing into a consolidated customer strategy function. This report examines how both functions must prepare for this change and what pieces of the evolution market insights professionals must drive.
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    • Customer Knowledge Is An Elusive Commodity
    • Current Decision Support Models Miss The Mark
    • Together CI And MI Enhance Customer Strategy
    • Market Insights Departments Will Drive Different Efforts At Each Stage

      The Market Insights Industry Will Face New Needs — And Challenges
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