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Proactive Competitive Market Intelligence Builds Competitive Advantage

A Proactive Competitive Market Intelligence (CMI) Program Helps Organizations Better Prepare For Competitive Disruption

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    It's the decade of disruption, a period in which competitive threats can come quickly and cause rapid, and sometimes irreversible, loss. Blockbuster, Borders, and Circuit City are all companies that did not sufficiently understand and react to competitive threats. As the source of insights on markets and competitors, market insights professionals need to provide the early warning to ensure competitive advantage. The issue: Often underfunded, relying on limited sourcing and information, and not having the right skills in place, most market insights departments are not positioned to keep their companies safe from disruption. It's time to change. Whether you are considering doing competitive market intelligence (CMI) or are an expert, this report helps you gauge weaknesses in your CMI program, provides a framework for the next generation of (proactive) CMI, and shows how to evolve market insights to meet the intelligence needs of stakeholders in the decade of disruption.
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    • The Decade Of Disruption Changes The Rules
    • Market Insights Is Not Prepared To Handle Competitive Disruption
    • The Solution: Design A Proactive CMI Program

      Put Together A Solid CMI Business Plan
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