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Product-Centric Development Is A Hot New Trend

A Distinctive Approach To Software Development That Delivers Exceptional Value

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    Today's application development leaders face unprecedented pressure to deliver more top-line business value, improve partnership with the business, and cut through the stifling technical complexity born from myriad legacy systems. In contrast to these challenges, a distinctive, value-based approach to software development has emerged, identifiable by a high-performing class of "product-centric" development teams that characteristically support their company's value chain, partner with both their customers and business stakeholders, and own the business results that their software delivers. Although the origins of product centricity are concentric to this specific segment of development teams, Forrester's August 2009 Global Product Centricity Online Survey shows that this trend is underway at a wide variety of companies of different operating environments, sizes, and industries. Therefore, many application development leaders can boost their value proposition to the business and gain from adopting product-centric practices in their selection and design of people, organization, processes, and management controls.
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    • Expectations For Application Development Leaders Have Never Been Tougher
    • A Distinctive, Product-Centric Development Model Has Emerged
    • Designing A Product-Centric Operating Model Drives Superior Value
    • Identifying Your Product Centricity

      Selectively Pursue Opportunities For Greater Product Centricity

      Product Centricity's Value-Driven Approach Complements Lean Software
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